One Single Rep of One Single Exercise For Massive Bicep

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What was the first muscle you think of when you think of bodybuilding? Biceps! After a large, well-developed biceps marks you as a coach seriously.

But what if you left biceps in development? Or if you just want to build big and strong as possible as quickly as possible?

I will share with you the secret exercise technique that helped me go from 13 1/2-inch arm to arm 18-inch in the first year of training. And only requires one person!

Let me start by saying that, personally, my biceps are always the weakest and slowest growing my bodyparts. Some people have the genetics to easily build huge biceps and strong. Not me! I had to come up with technical training to fly beyond the boundaries and must be fought for every inch in my arms. Point to say is that I am not the one who will build something bigger biceps. Training techniques should be very strong for me to see the results.

The technique that I will share with you works the biceps so smooth and strong, your biceps will have no choice but to get bigger and stronger.

However, this accumulation, you wonder what kind of a complex technical exercise, this!

The fact is that this technique is simple enough to be truly elegant and simple. What this exercise? This is a bent arm.

Bent arm is not complicated, but provides powerful benefits that make it an ideal exercise to build biceps muscle mass.

To understand the benefits of exercise, you must first learn to focus properly on the biceps.

Here’s how:

In short, your chin will hold up just as long as possible! Here is the procedure in detail …

1. Grab the chin-up bar with palms facing in grip. His
Hands should be about 6 inches apart at the bar. Want
to remain close enough to maximize the voltage
on the biceps.

2. Then you need to enter in the first position
traction. You can do that standing on a bench or
You get the position. My preferences
Start standing on the bank. This allows you to get the system
very precise and deliberate.

3. For body position to maximize bicep work, you want
parallel to the bar, with his face close
at the bar (almost touching him, by the way). Keeping your body
as vertical as possible and try to not let your body lean
Back. The more vertical you stay, more tension
continue biceps and not your back.

4. Now, working … this position when you
can! Contract your biceps hard and hold this position until
your biceps start to weaken. Now fight gravity all the way
below. Do not drop your body quickly, but trying really
best to maintain your position as gravity pulls you down. Same
when you are near the bottom with your arms around
true, with every effort to maintain its operation. Go to
can not survive even a bar!

This is a rehearsal. Not too complicated! If you are familiar with X-Rep or Static Contraction training, this concept is basically the same … initiated a year position as long as possible! Benefits include:

1. Hold the position for this fiscal year contract
if we can recruit are available almost all the muscles
fibers in the biceps. This is an emergency for the body
and fire every fiber can. All contracts
weaken the position of the muscle fibers.

2. This exercise puts stress on the biceps muscle that kept
duration of training. Constantly high
electricity will work wonders on your biceps.

3. This exercise uses your body weight and body move
resistance against the offspring (such as chin-ups) is not
resistance throughout your body (like a curl bar).
Exercises that move your body has been shown to activate
more muscle fibers than exercises that move the resistance.

4. Intense nature of this exercise a few muscles
stimulate bicep growth workout
work the biceps in isolation (which most bicep exercises,
even the gold standard curl bar).

5. It requires almost no equipment, and basically can be done
You can attach anywhere and control.

If you combine all five of these benefits are powerful, you have an exercise that stimulates the maximum number of muscle fibers, with continuous tension, using a compound exercise that moves your body weight, and requires minimal equipment.

So how to get the most from the exercise of this building is very strong biceps? At the end of each exercise with only one arm bent. representation is all that you need a representative who will work most of his bicep muscle.

You can also add resistance by holding a dumbbell between your legs or using weighted dip belt. The potential benefits of size and awesome power!

If you make a habit of making a strong representation of this technique to the end of every workout, I guarantee an excellent bicep growth and development.

When you have made a good representative of this exercise, you will know that you’ve squeezed the last drop of bicep growth from your body!

Compound Exercise Overload

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Now, I’ll tell one of the technical training more powerful than I found to make rapid gains in strength in one year. This elegant and simple, brutal in its execution, but it is literally stunning in its effectiveness.

This technique is used in my fitness program Maximum 28 Muscle Explosion! days “and believe me … tough and he worked like a madman.

I’ll tell you now, it will blow the doors of all preconceived ideas you may have about training volume and how the body can react and adapt.

Now, the first time I came up with this technique, I used to do dumbbell shoulder presses. This is a practice yesterday afternoon, and I made a series of pressing with a pair of dumbbells 60 pounds. I’m able to do eight reps with them.

But on Monday, just a few days later, I press the dumbbells 80 LB 11 reps – the same year, and use strict. It rose 25% from the resistance in just four days!

So what happened at the meeting, just give me a big increase in strength in just a matter of days?

I’ll let you know …

I call it “consists of overload training. And I tell you, if you’ve reached the plateau during exercise, this technique as an escape from the window!

Basically, you have a single compound exercise (also known as multi-joint exercises such as lying down, squat, deadlift, barbell rows, shoulder press, close grip press, etc.) and only came to exercise alone for 45 minutes.

And not even a brutal …

This game is brutal … allowed only 20 seconds rest between sets!

And here’s the other brutal part … You will end up doing between 80 and 100 sets of NEAR-weight (relatively speaking – I’ll explain later) that only exercises together.

This is one of the most difficult exercises you can do (if you do it correctly), but you’ll be rewarded with results.

Compound Exercise Overload working to improve the resilience of several ways:

1. It focuses your nervous system to a single specific exercise, which is “greasing the flow” at a certain distance that represents. training stimuli are not competing here, just very specific focus – is one of the reasons Olympic lifters only use a boost in their training. It is also one of the reasons that could raise such an extraordinary amount of weight!

2. This allows you to practice a lot of heavy lifting – which allows you to perfect your form and more efficient with your lifting technique.

3. High volume training (80-100 series will do) creates an emergency situation in the body that require rapid adaptation by the body (both in muscle and connective tissue).

4. High volume also forces a large amount of blood in the muscle groups, which helps drive nutrients into the muscle target, allowing them to recover and grow!

Combine these four factors and you have a strong incentive.

Here’s how:

This technique is best done when the gym is not crowded. You are basically going to monopolize a single practice area for the entire 45-minute workout.

First, choose a compound exercise to work. We will use the bench press as an example here. In fact, you can use this technique with almost any exercise, either compound or isolation (single joint). I refer to as compound exercises overloaded, because it is more effective when carried out with compound exercises like presses, rows, deadlifts, squats, etc. Isolation exercises can be used, but the effect is exactly the same.

So the whole exercise. If you bench press, I suggest you do it on the shelf with electric rail in place. This allows you to use the maximum load without having to worry about will be destroyed or have another way to keep all the time. If you do not have a box at work, another option is to press the dumbbells. By pressing the dumbbell, if you can not complete the representation, you can always set the weight down.

Warm-up before you start – How do you prefer to warm up very well. I want to do general movements (like push-ups or pull-ups or a few few minutes walking on a treadmill) and then a few games I will light a specific exercise to work – anything that will test the body for what lies ahead.

With this technique, I encourage you to use a stopwatch, regular watch or other time. If the gym has a clock with easy to read “second hand”, which is good as well. If not, your company will have 20 seconds rest in his head, which is not accurate (more than 20 seconds tend to be more as you progress in training and is very important to maintain constant.)

You start with a weight that would normally be done for about 6 reps or more. Start the timer or time clock, because you will be doing this exercise for 45 minutes!

Establish and implement ONLY 3 reps with that weight, even if you can make six. nothing short of approaching the first set.

Now re-rack the weight and the remaining 20 seconds. He went back to bed and do three reps. Rest 20 seconds. What you repeat this 3 rep sets with 20 seconds remaining until they can get 3 reps with that weight. This may take 20-10 minutes, depending on the year and the amount of weight you use.

Game where you only get 2 reps, Stop and remove 5 pounds each side of the bar (if you start with 225, now 215). Repeat to make three sets of repetitions and continue with 20 seconds rest period. Put the weight of 10 pounds every time you are unable to perform repetitions for three sets.

Be sure to stay with three replications in each set – no more and no less. Your body hits the representation gap width and adapt very quickly. It maintains the nervous system effectively.

In the final set (after 44 minutes have passed) is one minute (I’m not generous) and then back to knock out as many repetitions with the same weight you just ended with. You’ll find that you may be able to get 6-8 reps of this set, only for a period of rest increases. [Note that the total includes 45 minutes of exercise 44 minutes three representatives and the final set.]

This training uses neuromuscular specificity that allows you to teach your body the absolute most effective way to perform a single exercise. Your body will learn to draw the appropriate sequence of muscle fibers to make this exercise more efficiently, making fast strength gains possible.

And, do not use different variations of the same year (for example, do not start with the bench and then tends to a flat bench). It is important to use exactly the same set of exercises 45 minutes maximum adaptive response.

Do the best for the remaining 20 seconds as well. This breaks the natural increase in those moments when you make changes on the weight, but still, try to stay as close as possible. Do our best to continue with 20 seconds.

With this technique with an exercise bar, I like the loading bar with small plates that I want my original weight. For example, if you start with 225 pounds in the bench press, do not just throw two 45 lb plates on each side. He pulled a pair of 45 was pretty fast! Instead, install a plate of 45 pounds each side, then the 25-pound plate, then £ 10 a plate and then two of the 5 lb plates. It’s the same weight, but when you can not reach 225 pounds for three repetitions, you just take a small plate of five pounds each side. It’s much easier to remove the 45-year loading of each side and then 35-5 in the rear.

Be sure to keep track of their initial weight and final weight for you to know that their numbers and can improve the next time you perform this technique. And absolutely sure to take a rest after two full days of training have you done with him. To maximize the adaptive response, two days of rest are important!

If you want to try this method with a training partner, will be very useful if the level of power you (especially if you are working the bar). If you make the weight is not as important as you type can only be on a different set of weights.

With a partner, basically you will come and go without a real break. Twenty seconds is not long. If you are working with a sports bar and you need to change the weight, until you have completed all must begin to change because a lot of weight before the commencement of their partners. When he has finished, you should go back and change again.

This can be done (I had several hours of training with others), but becomes more difficult to implement, depending on the year.


If you are looking for a quick way to move the tray and gain strength, do not think there is something better. This will not be easy, but the result is worth it!

If you’re interested in learning more about the complete program, visit: “Muscle Explosion! 28 days maximum.”

The Most Critical Lessons I Learned

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As a coach for a long time, I learned many lessons about building muscle and losing fat. But nothing beats learning curve of my first year of training. Not always good progress. In my first year of training, I made many mistakes and I learned many things the hard way. I also do things very well at all by chance! Good to read some of the most important lessons I learned in my first year of professional training.

In the beginning …

I want nothing more than big and strong. I’ve become endurance athletes throughout high school (cross country, skating, skiing), but I want to make changes. He was 17 years old, thin and weight training has jumped with both feet. I save a little money, buy a supplement program Cybergenics (mistake # 1! – Basically, this is an expensive multivitamin) and start training. At that time in June 1991, only in the summer games.

I have a good program and I immediately started to get stronger, but it did not really get a lot of muscle. However, be very torn to the bone!

At the end of summer, still weighed about 150 pounds wet (right where I started four months earlier), but I swear I was about 4 or 5% body fat. As you can see the dividing line between Pecs upper and lower chest muscles without stretching your chest, you know that you are in body fat!

Lesson 1

I do not eat enough or often enough and no protein. I skate or bike to the gym first thing in the morning and do my workout, eat something soon after training. I like to skate in the house after eating a bowl of cereal. Then I went to work as a lifeguard for the day, eat one or two times a day with my big meal for dinner.

Then go to the campus … OFF

Having just finished high school, I enrolled at university this autumn. I learned my lesson not to eat enough and I’m determined to do for her.

To compensate, I do … with food in the canteen! Some people drink too much the first year of college – I eat too much.

To avoid damage to the food service, but I’m sure the salad and chips. To show that my knowledge of nutrition at the time, I want (for the sake of trying to maintain the level of fat in my diet down) to cut out fried and the yolk and eat only the white (who shone too often used cooking oil). This does not realize that it’s better to cut and eat the white bud (which fat soya lecithin and most of the nutrients in eggs that are good!).

Eight months later, at the end of my first year of school I was 70 pounds heavier, probably around half of what is actually muscle mass. At one point, I sat down and calculated my calories in some of my “eat a big day” and found almost 9000 calories per day!

Lesson 2

When I learned my lesson to eat more to gain muscle, do not learn the lesson that you can eat too much and can easily consume the wrong types of food. Of course, I am tall and strong, but may be increased by 5% body fat 15-20% body fat at the same time. Not the result I was looking for! What should I do is eat more, no doubt, but also to eat better food.

That, plus I am sure that all the “Weight Gain 3000” kind of supplements he was taking did not help! Looking back on ingredients, milk proteins are usually cheap and maltodextrin (a high glycemic carbohydrate source and cheap).

Training at the University …

When I eat more at university, I also increase my training. I will try to make the game more and use more weight and more. Because I’m eating more, I am still a big improvement! In addition, the then 18 years old can beat me in the gym and tar recovered from him, almost without any problems.

I went to see an increase in strength and weight in just about every day. But something happened … something that opened my eyes … I trained at the gym for almost two hours!

Lesson 3

I have very long and the establishment of a set of more. I’m still making progress, but only because I ate a lot. I do not know, I could move my BEST WAYS to reduce training time. Since that day I always let my training in the sign of one hour, wherever I am in this program. It was a miracle for my results. I think a week after the start trimming, strength and increased body weight increased 10 pounds. It opened my eyes.

In the spring semester, I tried the program, if you’ve been practicing a long time may be familiar with: heavy growth of Leo Costa. At that time, started training twice a day, six days a week, but only 45 minutes per session at most. Even eating a ton of food each day, I made very good progress with this system and have discovered the benefits of keeping their eyes (and cycling) training volume.

BUT totally ignored the cardiovascular …

At the beginning of eight months when he’s angry attempt to increase my weight, I read that to try to gain muscle, reduce cardio. Aerobic training can burn calories that can be used by the body to build muscle and can disrupt the physiological process of bodybuilding.

Well, I understand that a little too far and cut the cardio-vascular exercise management. My idea was that I was doing cardio in the summer (the form of shoes and back) and did not get any muscle. When I was strength training, muscle does not get any. So maybe cutting required. So, even just to climb the stairs unless I must.

Lesson 4

Too much cardio-term (mostly long cardio) can interfere with muscle growth, yes, but as I learned from a kind of cardio should always be part of any development program the masses. The key is to make the kind of cardiovascular training (eg, interval training, which actually can help the process of building muscle).

Let me see, it’s good to be big and strong, but when you’re big and fat and loud and out of breath climbing stairs is not exactly in peak health. Also, so … WHAT YOU NEED functioning of heart disease when the formation of muscle mass. What pumps blood and nutrients to the muscles? What helps you recover faster between sets?

Cardio and weight training are not mutually exclusive. I put in all my programs to strengthen the muscles now.

WHAT happens at the end of the school year?

Well, at this stage became bigger and stronger, but big and fat, I decided that I should burn more (the old concept of volume and mute). But then he made a big mistake. I went back to the same habits that made me tilt the previous summer. I do not eat enough to maintain muscle mass, he has built and do not eat enough protein.

I also started to run, which at that time did not do cardio for eight months, is a difficult lesson to learn. Imagine going to the rider of 150 pounds among the countries that could be 5 km in about 15 minutes to lift weights 220 pounds, he can not even walk slowly for more than three minutes!

Now even if I try to do long duration cardio, it really looked like no more interval training because I had to stop and walk a few minutes. I am in better cardio shape, I started running more directly through (it would be better to stay on the interval – I do not know!).

And I lose weight and lose fat, but I lost a lot of muscle with it. Nothing is more frustrating than losing what you worked so hard to build. I have not lost all the muscle and strength, but enough to bring me back.

Lesson 5

What to eat and how you should train is actually very similar when you try to build muscle and burn fat. The main difference lies in what you eat and training variables such as rest time and frequency of cardiovascular disease. You always need to eat too much protein, irrespective of their purpose and still have weight, even in a fat loss program (which is how you instruct your body to the muscles).

Increased frequency of cardio, eat fewer calories and less rest time between sets will get the fat burning process going in the right direction. Do not remove or angry with the dramatic increase in training load.

What happened in the second year of training?

Story for another day … It will be in the opposite direction from my first year of training has really made my roommate take a pot of boiling water for spaghetti because it added a little salt (never forget the sauce we used was about 20 times the amount of salt in it already)!